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Inter Poker Offers Massive Bad Beat Jackpot

Inter Poker, an online poker website on Sweden’s Boss Media network, has a bad beat jackpot approaching 1 million ($1.42 million). Inter Poker defines a bad beat as a losing hand of quad tens or better with four or more players participating in the hand.

The 898,532 ($1.28 million) jackpot, which will continue to grow until hit, will be divided as follows: 35% to the player with the bad beat hand, 17.5% to the player with the winning hand, 17.5% to other players dealt into the qualifying hand, 10% is taken as an “administration fee” and 20% is used to start the next jackpot.

Bad beat jackpots draw players to poker rooms, as they effectively act as an insurance policy against bad beats, and offer players a chance to win big.

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