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Glitch in Launch Allowed Real Money Play

As widely reported in poker media outlets, including here at PokerUpdate, launched their online website for play money yesterday in conjunction with the start of the 44th annual WSOP at the Rio in Las Vegas.

A technical glitch allowed two players who downloaded the Mac client to make deposits and play for real money for a short spell. After the error was discovered, the Mac client software was removed from This permitted only play-money functionality, which was the intention of Caesars Interactive’s roll out all along.

The online poker room manager for explained the miscue via a 2 + 2 posting yesterday evening. “Unfortunately, for a short time this morning, two Nevada players were able to gain access to the Mac version of our real money poker client and participated in a live game,” wrote WSOP Ken. “These players should not have been able to deposit or play. The technical glitch that enabled these players to gain access to the Mac client has been corrected.”

Although no payments were actually ever processed in relation to the glitch, such an error looks a bit embarassing to the good folks at The slip up follows the log on problems encountered upon Ultimate Poker’s launch in Nevada on April 30. Many Nevada players were unable to access that site for an extended period of time due to location verification issues related to particular cell phones.

Other bugs were seen with Ultimate Poker’s software, including one particular flop that showed the nine of spades appearing twice. That led a WSOP representative to remark that Nevada players deserve a “first class product” and won’t launch until such a product is ready. has not officially launched for real money. But the recent snafu may make players who were frustrated by the problems at Ultimate Poker wonder if they may experience some issues at as well.

Almost any new product launch is bound to encounter certain bugs that have to be worked out. But Nevada gaming officials are likely not ecstatic with the results seen thus far. They have allowed a considerable amount of time for extensive laboratory testing to make sure that things go smoothly. At this point, it can be argued that things have not gone particularly well.



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Charles Rettmuller

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