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Full Tilt Poker Launches New Affiliate Program

Full Tilt Poker (FTP) has officially launched its new affiliate program after abstaining from third party marketing at the beginning of its new tenure.

The new program offers a 50% revenue share for all traffic referred to Full Tilt Poker before the end of July. Furthermore, the new program will be launched in partnership with PokerStars to provide a marketable and reliable presence as well as allow sites to use existing Stars site trackers to refer players.

Before its relaunch, Full Tilt Poker angered several affiliates with its deceitful business tactics and its lack of payments. Major affiliate was awarded a judgment of €828,600 in Irish Courts after it accused the site of retroactively turning off trackers and non-payment of revenue share. Unlike, most Full Tilt Poker affiliates were unable to retrieve any money from the former owners. The Rational Group announced that it was not obligated to take upon the affiliate debt when it acquired the embattled site.

Full Tilt Poker has enjoyed slight success since its relaunch and hopes that this new program helps them return to its former dominance. Currently, Full Tilt Poker has struggled to hold down the second spot in the PokerScout traffic rankings. It has fluctuated over the past few months with PartyPoker and iPoker making strong moves to challenge for the spot.

The new affiliate program is another step towards remodeling the site and using the superior software to bring it to its former greatness. Although Full Tilt Poker boasts one of the best poker clients, it has struggled to market to a community that has been ravaged by its former owners. Furthermore, its absence in the market has allowed Poker Stars to dominate the global poker market.


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