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Full Tilt Offering $400 "Build Your Bonus"

Full Tilt Poker has announced a cash giveaway of up to $400 in a new promotion that allows players to accumulate additional days in which to clear a bonus that can reach $400 for the most dedicated grinders.

Entitled “Build Your Bonus,” the promo begins on Monday, August 19 and runs for 10 days through Wednesday, August 28. By earning at least one Full Tilt point by playing cash games on at least five of the 10 days in the qualifying period, players can aim for any one of five targets. Those targets are as follows: 100 points = $5; 1,000 points = $50; 2,000 points = $100; 5,000 points = $200; and 10,000 points = $400.

Upon the conclusion of the qualifying period, a total of 40% of your bonus will arrive in your account, while the remainder will be released in three increments as more Full Tilt points are earned during the bonus clearing period. The bonus period consists of the number of days that at least one Full Tilt point was earned during the qualifying period.

For instance, let’s assume you earned at least one Full Tilt point on all 10 days of the qualifying period of August 19-28. You accumulated more than 2,000 points, but less than 5,000 points during that time. You would receive $40 on August 29.

You then would be allowed an additional 10 days in the bonus clearing period that commences on August 29 to earn the additional $60. Each 25 Full Tilt points earned is worth $1 in bonus cash. That $60 will be credited to your account in three separate payouts of $20 as the points are cleared.

In order to participate in the Build Your Bonus promotion, you must opt in. The opt in period begins today, August 9, and will continue through August 24. To opt in, simply click on the Cashier button followed by a click on My Promotions. From there, select Build Your Bonus.



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