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Everleaf Gives U.S. Players Payment Runaround

Poker players with money frozen on Full Tilt and Absolute Poker have been joined in line by U.S players who played at Everleaf Gaming, as that troubled network seems to either be clueless or purposely making it nearly impossible for American players to withdraw their cash.

Following a seizure of funds of one of Everleaf’s payment processors and a cease and desist order from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in February, Everleaf pulled out of the U.S. online poker marketplace. American players were promised full reimbursement of funds in a press release issued in March that said, “Everleaf reiterates and wants to reassure all the effected players that all the funds will be refunded in full and the effected parties will be contacted in a short while accordingly.”

Everleaf did keep its word by contacting players owed money. However, as reported by pokerfuse, they gave U.S. players three completely idiotic options to obtain their funds. U.S. players could choose opening accounts at Moneybookers or Neteller, online wallets that don’t even accept U.S. customers. The third choice is to open a bank account outside of U.S. borders. Although the third option may be viable for a small number of players, Everleaf has shown a complete disregard to U.S. players by offering payment options that lack both workability and common sense.

Consisting of over 100 meager, nearly anonymous skins, Everleaf is one of the smaller networks available to players. It is currently ranked 29th by PokerScout in player traffic, losing roughly 25% of its players since exiting the American market. In addition to the U.S., Everleaf also removed itself from the Malta and French online poker markets. Its licensing body, the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, sanctioned the network one month after the pullout from the U.S. for “irregularities” in conducting operations.

This is just another prime example of the need for a regulated online poker industry. Although it is not fully known the amount of dollars U.S. players are in jeopardy of losing at Everleaf, the fact that a poker room would give players such brainless choices of receiving payment makes one wonder how non-U.S. players would even want to play there anymore.


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Charles Rettmuller

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