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Embarrassing Episode for Poker Dominicano Casts Shadow on Site

Poker Dominicano recently came under a great deal of fire for how they, mostly the owner, dealt with customers in a thread on 2+2 which escalated to the point of the owner of Poker Dominicano serving 2+2 with a cease and desist letter.  The insults and accusations have since calmed down a bit, but the underlying issues that caused the spat to begin with still continue to linger.

The problems began when a poster inquired about why his account was locked, and why he was not allowed to withdraw.  Subsequently, another player claimed to be having a similar problem.  The Poker Dominicano rep came in and let both of those players know why there accounts had been blocked.  While unorthodox to deal with these problems in such a public fashion (as he posted screenshots of potentially sensitive information to dispute each claim) things didn’t become exceptionally heated or lead to much more. This was until another player claimed that he could only withdraw 10% of his funds after reaching the VIP threshold that PD had stated all former LTE players needed to reach to withdraw their funds.

This is when things got exceptionally heated, and control was lost of the thread for at least the next 24 hours.  The Poker Dominicano owner became very confrontational and started insulting people personally and even resulting to threatening some players.  A great example of this is in this post he made: “Luifer611 , Your account is never ever going to be unlocked! We have proven you otherwise. Be glad we are not sending your data to all the networks you play on.”

He accused players, the site, and anyone else that was in any way connected with the thread of trying to bring down his good company. This post is an example of his accusations, and actually comes from a longer post of calling out 4 separate players: “Since that day you have posted nothing useful. You continue to bash our site with negatives. We just got some information of how you are a SWC dedicated player. Please leave and get out. Why you even post here? If people follow your post in the thread, it’s easy to see how many times you talk about SWC here.”  

The thread continued to snowball as more players came in on each side of the debate, and very little was accomplished in terms of answering lingering questions.  Poker Dominicano served 2+2 with a C & D letter, but that appears to have been rescinded as towards the end of the debate the owner of Poker Dominicano stated that there would be a new representative from this point forward, appearing to excuse himself from the thread and allowing for business to continue as normal.

After everything that has happened though, many questions still surround PD, such as the validity of the security team, the ability for everyone to withdraw, and how former LTE players are handled from this point forward.  PD had taken on former LTE players and their balances that LTE had not paid out, but had said that they would be able to withdraw after accruing 500 VIP points, which appears to not be true, at least not for the first players who managed this.

Poker Dominicano is open to US players and you can withdraw via BTC, Check, WU/MG, or wire, so it’s important for US players to keep an eye on, as it might provide a way for fast cash outs to be had on a relatively soft site.  Further, with smaller sites coming under much scrutiny because of the some of the recent failures, cementing yourself in the community as a safe and reliable place to play is becoming more important.  With the unprofessional behavior displayed by the owner, it casts a serious shadow around the entire site.

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Andrew Schupick