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DuckPoker Launch Makes Splash in Online Poker Industry

One of the newest kids on the block in the online poker industry is DuckPoker, who launched for real-money almost three months ago with one main goal in mind with regard to player benefits:

To provide players with a great software package so the games are strong, and back it up with simple straightforward deals that keep money in their bankrolls,” a DuckPoker representative told PokerUpdate.

Those straightforward deals include some perks that are sure to turn the heads of online players who are looking for value when choosing poker sites. The first of those deals is a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus that includes a 30% rebate.

There is more to like about that initial bonus considering that it comes with an additional $5 just for depositing, another $5 if that deposit is done using NETELLER, and $5 more if the DuckPoker sign-up goes through So that first-time deposit bonus of $600 is actually worth more after all is said and done.

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DuckPoker also offers the lowest rakes throughout the industry. A chart at the website spells out exactly the amounts to be raked according to the game played, the stakes involved, and the number of players seated at the table. The rake percentages begin at 3.45% and never exceed 4.45%, with caps in place.

For tournament players, DuckPoker also boasts the lowest fees throughout the industry. A brief scan of the tournament lobby shows that $20 tourneys that typically assess a 10% fee of $2 at most other poker rooms are instead only $1.75 at DuckPoker. Likewise, industry standards of $50 + 5 and $10 + $1 are posted as $50 + $4 and $10 + $0.75 at DuckPoker.

As many shrewd players are aware, those savings add up over time when 10% or more is knocked off of the tournament fee. Multi-table tournament players will earn greater returns on their investments as a result.

The reason behind the lower rakes and tourney fees when compared to most poker sites is that DuckPoker was created by players for players. That is an important distinction to consider because players know best how to appeal to their fellow players with regard to the best value available among competing poker sites.

When we sat around thinking about what we would want as players,” said a DuckPoker rep, “lowest rakes and fees” was seen as the best alternative to the typical industry norms. “We don’t fool ourselves into thinking that players care about anything other than a great game at a great value.”

As a player-friendly independent poker room not confined to the restraints of a network, DuckPoker is open to player suggestions with regard to any improvements that may enhance the quality of play for all involved. Those suggestions can run the gamut of tourney offerings to promotions that players would like to see.

Some new promotions that will likely come into play once a loyal player base is established include bonus cash tied to a friend referral program, a rake race, and a monthly Duck Tournament that will feature the winner’s photo on the website home page. Those perks will be added to the existing offering of daily freerolls and daily guaranteed tournaments.

DuckPoker’s VIP loyalty program, known as “The Club,” basically revolves around one premise – cashback for players. There are nine club levels and the amount of cashback available to be earned increases according to the accumulation of Club Points and ascension up the tiered VIP ladder.

Level 9 players can earn over 80% cashback. But the benefits of the reward scheme includes even Level 1 players, as all players who earn Club Points are eligible to receive cashback regardless of the level achieved.

Incidentally, The Club operates on a monthly basis, so players start anew at the beginning of each month. That way, players who go on vacation or happen to stay away from online poker for a time for whatever reason are not penalized for not playing.

Being players themselves, the brain trust at DuckPoker exude a passion for poker and have shown that passion by launching a poker room that offers better value than most other sites throughout the industry. It is anticipated that astute players will recognize that value and eventually find a new online poker home at DuckPoker.

The game of poker is what the players love, and we are working hard to not get in the way of that.”

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