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Coral Poker Moving to iPoker?

Coral poker is rumoured to be moving from the Ongame network to iPoker, according to sources close to iPokerVIP.

Coral poker is part of the Gala Coral Group, which is also responsible for the EuroPoker and Gala skins on the Ongame network.

Investment bank Daniel Stewart & Co noted: “We believe a software agreement between Gala Coral and PTEC [Playtech] is imminent but is yet to be publicly announced.”

Playtech will be pleased to get these big brands onto the iPoker network after Black Friday and what looks to be a very competitive summer ahead.

If this move does go ahead, iPoker players can certainly look forward to increased traffic this summer.

Gala Coral’s alleged move is particularly interesting for those following the BWIN/Party merger. Could this be a sign that BWIN (possibly others) are set to migrate to the Party Poker platform soon? If or when BWIN migrate, Ongame will instantly lose it’s desirability. BWIN are responsible for close to 50% of ongame’s traffic and likely provide the vast majority of the network’s fish. If Gala Coral were not a part of the newly merged company’s plans, then maybe they’re the first of many skins jumping ship from the Ongame network.

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Craig Fulton