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BREAKING:  Muchos Poker Banned from iPoker Network

In a strong worded document from the iPoker Policy Enforcement Team, all Muchos poker activity is now banned on the iPoker network.

The document that was sent to all licences on the network, including those who currently work with Muchos, states: “All Muchos poker activity is now officially banned on the Network. From this point on all card rooms are to stop accepting any new players from Muchos poker.”

“All existing accounts are to be banned, if funds are present in accounts they are allowed to be withdrawn following normal checks relating to collusion, fraud or account verification.”

The news is another major blow for the faltering Muchos brand who were recently subjected to an ongoing security investigation on the network. One can only assume the conclusion of the investigation coincides with the decision to ban Muchos from the network. Sources close to PokerUpdate have also confirmed that The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) have recently fielded and processed complaints regarding Muchos from the players.

Muchos Poker was once seen as an innovative solution to move money between poker networks through one centralised client. Working with brands such as 770, William Hill and Dafa, the brand grew popular amongst grinders and frequent table selectors.

However, despite being lauded for its innovation, voices of discontent could be heard around the financial implications of such a solution. Player accounts suffered from lock outs on such brands as William Hill and Dafa, as concerns about security grew.

One must now consider with the latest revelation, which other networks will follow the tune of iPoker and finally seal a once thought leader of the poker world’s fate.

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