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Bodog Offices Raided: Rumors Run Wild

The poker world has always had interesting stories that border on the lines of not being real. It appears such a situation has arisen once again with the confirmed news that Bodog has had its offices in the Philippines raided by police. That last sentence is where confirmed news stops and rumors begin to circulate about what actually did happen, the state of Bodog presently, and the future of the company in light of all of this new information. The important thing to remember here is that most of these rumors come from anonymous sources and with that there can and will be inaccurate information.

The rumors surrounding the raid come in primarily two different forms, what caused the raid and what happened during the raid. The first rumor comes from Pokernews and it primarily deals with why the raid happened. There seems to be two schools of thought that either the raid was standard police procedure because of a particular tip received, or that it was politically motivated. Many people seem to think that it was politically motivated, but “Dan_Druff” at seems to think that it actually might have originated from angry ex-employees who are currently under investigation for embezzling an undisclosed amount of money from Bodog. If what Dan_Druff says is true, then that is worrisome as it would appear to indicate that the company is having issues from within in combination with the already tough nature from competitors.

The other set of rumors from the raid are what actually happened when the police were there. Some rumors suggest that the police ransacked the offices and stole several items from the Bodog offices. The worst of these rumors was publicized in Gambling911, which states that the police stole numerous aid packages that were meant to go to the victims of the typhoon that ravaged certain regions of the Philippines a few short weeks ago. If this rumor is true, then it has terrible implications for the nature of these raids. People with alleged connections to workers or the office claim that the police stole many other things and confiscated servers, cell phones, laptops, TVs and much more. Those allegations are harder to confirm as pictures of the destroyed office have not been circulated and Bodog has not said what was taken and what wasn’t.

There currently is some fear among players as perceived cashout times have been slower than they were even two weeks ago. The cashout times posted in the 2+2 thread don’t appear to be that much worse than they were before, but it is something that a lot of people are fearing right now and is something that players should keep their eye on. It’s possible if servers were confiscated that things might be slower until everything gets back to normal. Also, the Bodog phone support line has been down and this has people scared because indications were that it would be restored nearly a week ago. While players shouldn’t overreact to these things, it does add to all of the non-information from the situation and creates a somewhat scary environment in a market that has seen some devastating results in the past. It’s also important to note that a lot of new accounts on forums have been created lately claiming that the downfall of Bodog is near. But most indications seem to point to the creation of these accounts from one or two IP addresses with one person on responsible for 11 accounts, according to a moderator.

The future of Bodog is murkier than it was a few months ago, as rumors of a civil war within the company mount. has some colorful write-ups on the alleged activities of the former employees, and Dan_Druff seems to corroborate this information. This is further complicated by the fact that Calvin Ayre, the founder and owner of Bodog, has landed on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s most wanted list. Gaming Intellegence published an article saying that the Philippines raids were focused on finding him, but this would be different from what most others are saying. Either way, it’s possible that Ayre has a much larger target on his back now, and as a result, so does Bodog.

The rumors surrounding the raids on the Bodog offices are rich and varied and it’s difficult to find the real truth, but hopefully this article put things in some perspective. PokerUpdate will provide any and all new information as it becomes known.

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