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Bodog Blocks Data

Bodog Poker is implementing data blocking. By the end of the year individual player statistics, both live and historical, will no longer be available.

Jonas Odman, Vice President of Bodog Poker Network, said: “It is vital for the online poker industry that the depositing players are put first rather than the high raking professionals who rarely, if ever, add new money to the pot. This is the first in a long line of steps that will make Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model the best place for the casual player to enjoy the game again. Later in the year we will have some additional features that we will roll out along with the new software which we are confident will make the playability of the site one of the best in the industry.”

Bodog already removes tables from its lobby once they are full to deny data sites the chance to collect traffic numbers. Waitlists to allow players to be notified when seats become available have also been removed from the client. It will be interesting to see if tracking sites like PokerTableRatings will be able to work around the data block.

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