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Betfair Sponsors Peter Eastgate

Betfair has uploaded a video onto Youtube showcasing their new sponsored professional poker player, Peter Eastgate, the 2008 WSOP Main Event Champion.

Eastgate had been off the radar for a while on the poker circuit. Despite some success after the WSOP victory and a sponsorship deal with Pokerstars, the Danish pro decided the lifestyle was too much for him:

“Since May 2010 I actually quit poker and by March 2011 I returned to poker at the NBC Heads-Up Championship”

“I was fed up with the game, I didn’t want to play anymore…and then I felt the love to play poker again because I still love the game.”

One of the last pieces of news that involved Eastgate was when he decided to sell his Main Event Bracelet on the auctioning site eBay. The $147,500 acquired from the sale was given to UNICEF.

“I was not wearing the bracelet, it was in a drawer all of the time so I thought I would get rid of it. And all of it went to a good purpose.”

Eastgate is certainly fortunate in the current climate of sponsorships to have been a successful European player. An opportunity like this would have been very unlikely for someone in the States. However, many on TwoPlusTwo have started to question the reasons for a player with no previous controversies to join an operator that is known to have made questionable business decisions in the past.

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