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Attack Poker and Bellator MMA Sign Partnership

Poker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have often had a complementary relationship, something that has continued with the announcement of a partnership deal between Attack Poker and Bellator MMA.

The deal was made public late last week and sees Las Vegas-based Attack Poker become the official online gaming partner of US-based Bellator. Both organisations view the deal as highly important to their own goals, as they have stated their intentions to promote each other.

Attack Poker is already doing just that. Among the first things one sees when visiting the free-to-play online poker provider’s website is a large banner declaring a ticket giveaway to Bellator’s next event, which will be held on February 28.

Bellator will also do its bit in promoting Attack Poker to mixed martial arts fan. The company has said that the Attack Poker logo will feature prominently in its cage, where Bellator fights take place.

The organisation will also introduce an award that will be known as the ‘Attack of the Night.’ A reference to their online gaming partner, the Attack of the Night will go to the fighter deemed to have had the ‘most explosive finish or technique’ in each Bellator event.

Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney expressed his delight at the deal and said he was looking forward to a solid partnership with Attack Poker.

“Our partnership with Attack Poker speaks directly to our focus of aligning with innovative industry leaders,” he said. “Attack Poker’s distinctive and consumer interactive approach to free-to-play poker is what positions them as a leader in the online gaming industry and it’s what made them our top choice to align our brand with.”

The partnership is a clear sign that both companies wish to be strong players in their respective areas. Bellator is considered by a number of MMA fans and pundits to be the second largest MMA organisation in the world, although the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the clear leader in the sport. Teaming up with Attack Poker will expose Bellator to poker players throughout the US, something the organisation hopes will boost viewer numbers.

Attack Poker stands to benefit from the partnership by capitalising on both the MMA viewership and through exposure on free-to-air TV in the US. Bellator’s events are shown on the TV channel Spike and often attract around one million live viewers.

Being exposed to a large number of people will help boost Attack Poker’s brand awareness among Bellator viewers, which the online service hopes will translate into a boost in players. While Attack Poker is currently a free-to-play service, increasing its awareness now will likely play into its favour should it ever decide to also adopt a real money poker service in the future.

Specifics of the deal were not announced, however, the partnership has been described as being “multi-year,” meaning Attack Poker’s brand will likely stay on Bellator’s cage for some time to come.

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