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888 Moves up to Third Place in Online Poker Traffic Rankings

It has been a great year for gaming company 888 Holdings, something that has been exemplified by a recent major milestone.

According to PokerScout, 888 now has the third largest player traffic of online poker websites. For a long time, the company had competed with others like PartyPoker for fourth place, having beaten the online poker offering for the fourth spot battle back in June.

888 has been able to defend that spot ever since, but it seemed impossible for the company to overtake Full Tilt Poker for third place.

Well, 888 has accomplished the ‘mission impossible,’ officially overtaking the troubled company for the third spot earlier this week. According to the latest traffic numbers, 888 now enjoys a seven-day average of 2,150 players. That total is slightly ahead of Full Tilt Poker, which has a seven-day average of 2,100 players.

The news may get even better for 888 in the near future, with the new player traffic statistics putting it well in range of overtaking iPoker for second place. That company has a seven-day average of 2,300 players, 150 more than 888.

While that difference seems small, is it quite considerable in the world of online poker traffic, where increases and decreases of 50 players can be a big deal for overall rankings. With that said, however, 888’s great fortunes could give it the momentum it needs to take second place before 2013 ends.

888Poker reported a 13 percent boost in its revenue in the first half of this year, putting revenues up to $46.9 million. Should that trend continue for the rest of this year and beyond, it could yield a major benefit for the company, including the much sought after second place in the online traffic rankings.

The news of inching into third place hasn’t seemed to give 888 much of an ego boost, with the company appearing to be hard at work securing more poker ventures. The company has long expressed a desire to be a key player in the emerging poker markets in the US states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

That has culminated in a recent joint US deal with Wynn Interactive, as well as the partnership that recently launched in Nevada, signs that the company continues to have major online poker ambitions.

As previously stated, the iPoker Network is second on PokerScout’s online traffic rankings with a seven-day average of 2,300. That is worlds away from PokerStars, which is in a league of its own in first place with a seven-day average of 20,800 players.

Now that’s mission impossible for 888 and all other online poker sites.   

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