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What is one of the most frustrating parts of playing poker tournaments? Playing for hours on end just to get to the money, and the majority of min-cashes barely make up for the time dedicated to get there.

Now PokerStars is taking a page out of their Spin & Go book and have created Bubble Rush tournaments. These events will allow players to get to the money in multi-table tournaments faster than ever and then it rewards those that make the money with longer levels.

What Are Bubble Rush Tournaments

Bubble Rush tournaments are events that start out with a hyper-turbo format until the event reaches the money. Once the money bubble is burst, levels slow down dramatically.

For example, once the bubble bursts, levels become 12 minutes long. Once the event is down to 27 players, levels are 15 minutes. Once the final table is reaches, levels extend to 20 minutes each.

PokerStars estimates that the majority of Bubble Rush tournaments will reach the money within an hours time.


Why Did PokerStars Create These Events?

PokerStars is always looking for ways to attract recreational players and there are many recreationals that are unable to dedicate 6 or 7 hours to a single poker tournament. With Bubble Rush, recreational players get a chance to make the money within an hour and then the remainder of the tournament plays out within a 2 to 3 hour time period.

A solid number of recreational players only have a couple of hours to play online poker each day due to family, work and other life circumstances. Normally, this is not enough time to play a standard MTT. With the Bubble Rush format, they can play in an event and within an hour they know if they have a chance to make a solid score or they can move on to the next event or call it a night.

The popularity of Spin & Go tournaments also probably played a role in creating these events. Recreationals want fast-paced events and Bubble Rush gives them the speedy events they want and then slows down when it really matters.

Will This Format Be Successful?

PokerStars and Full Tilt both tried tournaments in a similar style to Bubble Rush in the past, but neither time they caught on. However, this was before Spin & Go tournaments became popular.

We believe that Bubble Rush will be relatively popular with recreational players as it gives them a chance to play for a larger prize pool minus the lottery style element. They clearly won’t compete with Spin & Gos but they will provide a solid alternative.

If you’re interested in checking these events out, Bubble Rush tournaments are available in buy-in from .55 to $33 during the week and on the weekend there are events up to $109. There are at least 20 of these tournaments offered each day, so it doesn’t matter which Time Zone you’re in.

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