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It’s no secret that online poker rooms go to great lengths to sign new players and retain current customers. In the past, sites marketed to players via the use of emails, newsletters and by offering “can’t miss promotions.”

888poker has decided to go a different route in their quest to become the top site in online poker. They have begun offering personalized poker videos that turn your online poker play into a weekly episodic show.

Having previewed the product, I must admit that this is one of the most interesting gimmicks devised by an online poker site in a while and an excellent way to motivate and retain current players.

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What Are Personalized Poker Videos?

Personalized poker videos are customized videos highlighting your online poker play from the previous week. These videos are setup to look like a highlight reel and have a very “Late Night Poker” or “Poker Night in America” type of feel to them.

Both your cash game and tournament play on 888poker is evaluated each week and a video is created for you based on a combination of 21 different stats. Some of these stats include your best hand, the number knockouts you’ve scored in a week, your highest finish in a poker tournament and even where you rank in your country of origin.

These videos are then sent to your email and you can access it in your private zones on 888poker. They also feature a built-in share feature where you can post your video on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. If you play regularly on 888poker each week, you will continue receiving these videos. It is like having your own online poker show, and you’re the star!

Check out the video below for an example of what one of these videos will look like.


Great Gimmick to Motivate Recreational Players

To be honest, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to an online poker promotion or gimmick. I will admit that I really like the concept behind these personalized poker videos, and here is why. Many of us got hooked on poker because of television. We watched the WSOP on ESPN, the World Poker Tour, Late Night Poker or various other poker programs.

Most of us dream of playing poker on TV but the truth is that most of us will never accomplish this goal. Personalized poker videos are a fun little way to star in your own little poker TV show. Sure, only a few dozen people might see the video, but for many of us that will be enough. Poker players love to brag to their buddies about their accomplishments and what could be better than to show off one of these videos, especially if you just had a great week online.

If you’re an experienced player, you probably won’t find much value in these videos, and that is ok. You’re playing online poker for a completely different reason. However, for the majority of recreational players out there, this is a fun little gimmick that may push players to play a bit more or play better in order to improve their stats and move up the rankings so they can have a more impressive video produced.

Pilot Program Underway – To Be Released Soon Globally

According to 888poker, personalized poker videos are presently being offered in a pilot program to 20,000 players in limited English markets. However, the company is working to expand this to multiple languages and to all players on 888poker.

Personalized poker videos are a unique and fun way to show off your skills on 888poker. They are available to your every week, so if you’re a regular player, you will have an ongoing series of “brag videos” to share with your friends.

For those looking to improve your game, personalized poker videos offer stats on your individual play that may help you fix leaks. While it won’t tell you how to play J-10 suited in position, it will give you insight on your aggression levels and other stats that could indicate leaks.

Personalized poker videos are just one of the many perks that recreational players can enjoy at 888poker. New players signing up on 888poker will receive an $88 no deposit bonus along with access to freerolls and a generous first deposit bonus of 100% to $400.

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