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To keep pace with other sites like PokerStars, 888poker has recently released their own lottery style Sit & Go product. Known as BLAST, this take on the random prize pool tournament appears designed with the purpose of eliminating the gap between skilled players and recreational players.

PokerStars has enjoyed amazing success with their Spin & Go product and 888poker is hoping to replicate some of that same success. The differences between BLAST and other similar products will favor recreationals looking for a quick, fun and stress-free game of poker.

What is BLAST?

BLAST is new form of hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournament that will narrow the gap between experienced and recreational players. They are 4-handed super-turbo tournaments with random prize pools.

888poker blast sit&go

These prize pools range from double your buy-in all the way to 10,000 times your stake. There are a couple of important difference between BLAST tournaments and your average Spin & Go event on PokerStars.

First, these events are four handed with players starting with stacks of 1,500 chips. Next each game is on a shot clock. For example, games featuring a multiplier of 2x or 5x will be on a six minute shot clock. Once that clock reaches zero, everybody is all-in every hand until a winner is determined.


As your multiplier increases, the more time you get on the shot clock. However, the top multipliers still only get 12 minutes before everybody is all-in.

In addition to the shot clock, blinds are crazy high. You start at 25-50 with a 5 ante and then everything doubles with each level jump until the shot clock is exhausted.

The other big difference in these events and standard Spin & Go tournaments is that only the 2x multiplier is “Winner Takes All.” For 5x, both first and second are paid. With 10x and 100x, three of four players are paid. Finally, if you happen to get lucky and hit the 1,000 or the 10,000 multiplier, all players get a piece of the action.

BLAST Sit & Gos Are a Blast For Recreationals

Due to the structure of this game and the shot clock element, BLAST Sit & Gos offer next to zero edge for experienced players, aka the sharks of the poker world. As such, the average recreational player is going to have the same shot of winning as everyone else.

For over half of all games played, you have six minutes to try and win. Afterwards, the game is entirely based on luck. You will be all-in and your fate will be determined by how the cards fall. If you’re running lucky, you’re going to win. If not, on to the next one!

If you’re a player that’s a bit inexperienced and worried about other “outplaying” you, this is a going to be a format that’s going to give you a better chance to win. Once the all-in period begins, you have the exact same odds of winning as everyone else.

If you’re an experienced player, you may not like this format as well because it does not give you the same edge as other games. With that said, these games should be viewed along the lines other casino games that are more about enjoyment and having fun.

Of course, the difference is that unlike many casino games, someone is going to win. The best part about these is their speed. If you want a game that is guaranteed to be over in six minutes or less and this is the game for you.

If this new hyper-turbo format sounds like it could be a blast to you, head over to 888poker and give them a try. BLAST games start at .10 and are available at $1, $5 and $30.

888poker blast sit&go

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