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Loyal PokerStars players who rack up StarsCoin while playing their favorite cash games, Sit & Gos and MTTs eventually click their way over to the PokerStars VIP store to spend their accumulated currency on a wide selection of items available.

PokerStars’ currency took on the new name of StarsCoin at the start of 2016 following a revamp of the site’s player loyalty program. Real money players earn StarsCoin by completing various steps, which releases the currency directly into player accounts.

The most popular purchases, naturally, are VIP Cash Rebates. Players are permitted to redeem their StarsCoin for cash at the rate of $0.01 per StarsCoin. The minimum purchase amount of $25 requires 2,500 StarsCoin, while the PokerStars VIP Store also lists rebates of 10,000 StarsCoin for $100 and of 100,00 StarsCoin for $1,000.

While everybody loves cash, there are dozens of other items available for purchase in the PokerStars VIP Store. Players have an assortment of selections to choose from, ranging from electronics and apparel to tournament tickets and accessories. Let’s look at some of the more popular products.


Popular Items

A PokerStars Black T-shirt tops the list in terms of popularity. Only 1,200 StarsCoin will let everyone know where you play online poker as the front is emblazoned with the PokerStars logo and the back reveals a small red spade. Other T-shirts, caps, and hooded jackets are also part of the PokerStars clothing line, including a Ladies V-Neck that’s only 950 StarsCoin.

For players who want their home games to exude a PokerStars style, how about a 500-piece chip set complete with two decks of playing cards, a dealer button, and aluminum carrying case sporting the name of your favorite online poker site. The chips weigh 14 grams and come in five different colors, each with a 3-tone design. The PokerStars chip set is listed at 14,200 StarsCoin

Electronics and Accessories

For those into electronics, the latest iPads, iPhones, Smartphones and tablets are available. The prices vary, with an Apple iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi setting you back 50,200 StarsCoin, an HTC One (M9) Smartphone is 68,500 StarsCoin, and those who fancy an iPhone 6s 16GB Space Gray can expect to turn over 80,350 StarsCoin.

On the less expensive end of the spectrum are accessories such as a PokerStars Mug (1,100 StarsCoin), a Deluxe Travel Mug (1,150), Drawstring Bag (1,200), or an iPad Air 2 Cover (1,450). All show the PokerStars logo in some fashion, as is to be expected from items available at the PokerStars VIP Store.

And More

For players in a philanthropic mood, StarsCoin can be used to make charitable donations. The recent earthquake in Ecuador needs your help, and so to does cancer research in the UK and/or helping children in impoverished nations through the Right to Play. Only 2,000 StarsCoin will send $20 to the cause of your choice.

Whether its VIP Cash Rebates, tournament tickets, clothing, electronics, donations or whatever, your StarsCoin are as good as money in the PokerStars VIP Store. And the store never closes.

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