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Bounty poker tournaments have always had that added excitement of winning cash in addition to the chips of any opponent that you manage to send to the rail, along with prize money awarded to top finishers.

PokerStars has found a way to increase that excitement level by altering the familiar bounty tournament concept with the introduction of a new Knockout Poker format. Currently available at select Sit & Gos and MTTs, PokerStars’ new Knockout Poker splits the bounty cash by awarding half to the player who KOs an opponent, with the other half added to the bounty of the player who does the knocking out.

In other words, as the tournament progresses and more and more players get KO’d, the bounties on the heads of the remaining players increase every time they eliminate an opposing player. Players who do the most knocking out will accumulate the largest bounties, making them very attractive targets to KO.

Knockout Poker Challenges

To coincide with the introduction of PokerStars Knockout Poker, a new promotion will dole out $120,000 every week from April 22-May 12. Players aiming for a share of that bonus cash will need to complete daily and weekly Knockout Poker Challenges on the Sit & Go tables.

The daily challenge requires players to knock out 4 players in any number of Sit & Go KO Tournaments at buy-in levels of $1 and up. Successful completion of the daily challenge results in winning a seat to a $10,000 All-in Shootout tournament.

For the weekly challenge, knock out 12 players during the specified weeks in as many Sit & Go KO Tournaments as you like. The reward is a ticket to a $50,000 Added MTT to be held on April 30, May 7 and May 14 at 13:30 ET.

Daniel Negreanu a Knockout Favorite

Prior to unveiling the new Knockout Poker, PokerStars conducted a survey to determine which pro players its customers would most like to knock out of a tournament. PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu topped the list, with 34% of respondents admitting that sending KidPoker to the rail would be a thrill.

Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth was the next favorite choice at 25%, with Phil Ivey a distant third at 13%. Other pros that made the list with percentages less than double digits included Chris Moneymaker, Dan Bilzerian, Liv Boeree, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Jason Somerville and Howard Lederer.

Footballer Neymar Jr didn’t make the list, but the superstar will be a prominent part of marketing for PokerStars Knockout Poker. “I love winning on the football pitch, and I love the opportunity to win instantly in Knockout Poker,” Neymar Jr said. “It takes an ordinary game of poker and makes it more fun, with more winning moments!”

Knockout Poker is currently available in 36-player hyper-turbo SNGs with $1 and $5 buy-ins, 24-player hyper-turbo SNGs at a $10 buy-in, 6-player hyper-turbo SNGs at $1.50, $3.50, and $7 buy-ins, and various MTTs. Changes may be made in accordance with player demand.

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