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Mixing jackpot-style games with online poker action has been rather commonplace among poker sites recently, as SitNGo games such as Spin & Go, Twister, and Expresso Poker have brought renewed excitement to players who hope to hit a jackpot

It comes as no surprise that poker rooms would dream up new promotions leaning heavily on the jackpot theme. After all, it makes sense to give players what they want.

Golden Rivers Jackpots

The latest offering in the jackpot poker craze comes from select skins on the iPoker Network such as Titan Poker, Bet365, and William Hill. The promotion is called Golden Rivers Jackpots and is awarding a bevy of prizes ranging from a free ticket to Gold Rush freerolls on up to €100 in cash.

The amount of the prizes awarded depends upon the combination of river cards in each player’s Golden Rivers Jackpot bank. The promotion will run from April 18 through May 1 and is available to players at the Texas Hold’em and Six Plus Hold’em NL4 and NL20 cash game tables. Here’s how it works.

Collect River Cards

In every hand that goes to showdown, the river card will be placed in your jackpot bank following the conclusion of the hand no matter if you win or lose the hand. Once three river cards are collected, your combination of the three cards determines your prize. For instance, make a simple pair and you win a ticket to a Gold Rush freeroll.

The better the hand made with your three river cards, the better the prize. Take a look at the prizes available in Texas Hold’em:

Perfect 3 of a Kind €100

Straight Flush/Royal Flush €20

3 of a Kind €10

Straight €3

Flush €1

Perfect Pair €0.25

One Pair 1x Golden Ticket

Each player is allowed 50 rounds in which to collect three Golden River Jackpot cards and make a winning hand or combination. If the first and/or second river cards collected are not to your liking, muck the card or cards in your jackpot bank and reset your board in hopes of creating a better combination of cards.

Players who prefer Six Plus Hold’em action, the short deck game in which the cards valued 2 through 5 have been removed to create a 36-card deck, can aim for the following prizes in Golden River Jackpots:

Perfect 3 of a Kind €60

Straight Flush/Royal Flush €10

3 of a Kind €6

Straight €1

Flush €1

Perfect Pair €0.25

One Pair 1x Golden Ticket

Golden Rivers Jackpots is running now for the rest of April. Can you make a winning combination with your river cards and earn the top prizes?

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