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$330,000 Prize Pool for Debut of WPN's "The Cage"

Sixty-six players either ponied up the $5,100 entry fee or won their seat via a satellite at yesterday’s “The Cage” match that found $330,000 on the online poker tables at the Winning Poker Network (WPN).

A 6-max cash game that included elements of tournament play made the three-hour contest the first of its kind in online poker. Each player started with $5,000 in chips after WPN raked $100, and those chips were converted to cash after three one-hour blind levels of play.

Of the 66 entrants, 27 busted before the three hours were up and had to leave The Cage without an opportunity to re-buy and likely possessing only a bad beat story or two to tell. Thirty-nine players had chips in front of them when the time clock arrived at 0:00.

Who claimed the title?

The most money was won by ‘bik6624235,’ whose chips totaled $29,947 and allowed for King of The Cage bragging rights. The champ was buoyed by one particular hand where a #10d on the river made a set, busting the pocket #ad#ah of ‘WhosGotItBetter.’

‘UpayformyKia’ was The Cage runner-up with $20,921, which will likely mean the end to monthly payments on that Kia. Other top finishers included ‘vasya9’ in third place ($15,556), followed by ‘Fruits_of_Fib’ in fourth ($15,429), and ‘chiclick1’ rounded out the top five ($13,785).

The players who cashed in the event (59%, but not all winners) were granted a free cashout in the form of a bank wire. Some may want to leave the cash in their accounts, however, considering that The Cage II has already been scheduled.

When is that next The Cage match?

Based on the success of The Cage last night, the next running of the innovative cash/tournament hybrid is set for November 12. That gives players a full month to either scrounge up the cash or perhaps gain entry via satellite at a WPN skin.

While the excitement generated by The Cage is encouraging for online poker, players are advised to exercise caution when playing on unregulated sites. There is no telling when another shutdown in the U.S. may be put into place by the DoJ.



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