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Are you an online poker player who has a singular focus when sitting down to compete in a tournament – to win the event and capture first place prize money? Or are you the type of player who is content to merely finish in the money and turn a profit?

If you answered affirmatively to the first question, you may want to log on to in New Jersey or Nevada because the top poker site in the regulated states has rolled out new Winner Take All Tournaments that pay out 100% of the prize pool to 1st place finishers. That’s right. The buy-ins of every player entered go to the man or woman who collect all the chips.

No congratulations to final tablists. No prize money for landing in the top 10% of the field. There is but one winner who grabs all the glory (and cash).

Making the Cut

Is that a cut throat type of competition? thinks so, and has decided to generously toss in a consolation prize to 2nd place finishers. Players who land runner-up in the nightly Winner Take All events will receive a set of steak knives.

A set of steak knives, you ask? Yes. Perhaps to remind the 2nd placers that they came oh so close to carving up the entire field and that their game could use a bit more sharpness.

Second place winners will also get another opportunity to come in 1st place in the form of a monthly freeroll to be held on the first Saturday of each month. The freeroll is also a Winner Take All affair. The prize? A $100 gift certificate redeemable at an online steak company. cash is for closers

An online steak company, you ask? Yes. The winner of the monthly freeroll deserves to be rewarded with delicious steaks where he or she can use the steak knives and revel in the fact that a 2nd place finish was followed with a championship!

The Winner Take All Tournaments are available every evening at 6:15 p.m. local time in both Nevada and New Jersey. The buy-in is $7.77 and the prize pool is a guaranteed $100. Are you ready to slice up the competition?

Triple Crown

If the Winner Take All Tournaments are not your cup of tea, perhaps the Triple Crown promotion may be more to your liking. For the entire month of February, players who make the money in 3 MTTs in one day will receive their tournament fees back for those three events. triple crown

Players who go one better and make the money in 4 MTTs in one calendar day will receive their tournament fees back for all events entered that day. Remember, that’s just finishing in the money, not making the final table or winning.

The third crown of the Triple Crown promo is the one that is the ultimate challenge. Players who WIN 3 MTTs in one single day will receive their tournament fees back for the whole entire month! Any player who can accomplish this feat would be wise to regularly play the Winner Take All Tournaments!

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