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Residents of New Jersey and Nevada certainly don’t experience winter months in the same way in terms of weather. As of this writing, it’s 20 °F in Atlantic City and 50 °F in Las Vegas.

However, online poker players in both states do experience winter similarly in one special way – the upcoming Winter Poker Classic II at!

It’s that time of year again, so New Jerseyans and Nevadans should both gear up for eight exciting tournaments beginning next Sunday, January 10. The Winter Poker Classic II runs from Jan. 10-17, with a tournament held each day in both states.

The prize pool guarantees for the entire festival total more than $80,000 in New Jersey and over $85,000 in Nevada. The buy-ins range from $10-$200, so there is action available for players of all stake levels regardless of any budgetary constraints.

Event Rundown

Event #1 kicks off Sunday and features a $200 buy-in under an NLHE Re-Entry format. The only difference between the two states are the starting times and the guarantees. Players in New Jersey are guaranteed a prize pool of $30,000, while those in Nevada will aim for a share of at least $25,000 in prize money.

The buy-ins for Events #2-6 on Monday through Friday range from only $10-$50 before Saturday’s Event #7 requires an entry fee of $100 for NLHE Freezeout. That brings us to the Main Event on Sunday, January 17, a $200 buy-in NLHE tournament with Re-buys and Add-ons that promises $30,000 in prize money in both states, as well as a Champions Ring for the winners!

Are you ready to play some online poker this winter? knows that you are and is dutifully offering the second installment of the Winter Poker Classic!

2016 Player of the Year Race

A brand new year brings us a brand new Player of the Year race for 2016 in both Nevada and New Jersey. Some changes have been made in the way that points are awarded in the leader-board race this year, so it’s best to take note and perhaps adjust your play accordingly.

The main change in the point structure is that Sit & Go tournaments will not be included when calculating point totals for the 2016 PoY titles. So if you’re a Sit & Go grinder and had your eye on the cash prize of $10,000 and the PoY ring, now is the time to maybe change to multi-table tournaments.

Another shift in tallying points is that certain events and series’ will use multipliers in point calculations. And guess what? The Winter Poker Classic II is one such series!

A 10x multiplier will be factored in for events of the Winter Poker Classic II in both states, except for the Main Event where the multiplier will be 25x. That’s yet another reason to play in the festival, and remember that the action begins on January 10!

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