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December is here and with it comes a new promotion at Partypoker NJ that can add some bonus money to your pocket and help pay for those Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.

For the entire month, Partypoker NJ is hosting the Dollar Club, which allows players in the regulated state of New Jersey to earn a cash reward all 31 days. The higher your level in the site’s loyalty program, the more cash bonus available to be earned, with VIP level players eligible to grab a bonus up to $40 each and every day!

The Details

Here’s how it works. You need to opt in each day that you sit down to play and select a target of how many points you intend to earn. Reaching your intended target will add bonus money to your account.

Bronze players can earn up to $1.75 per day, Silver are eligible for $5, Gold players can set a target that earns $16 daily, and VIP players who  can accumulate 200 points per day will get a whopping $40! That’s $1,240 for the entire month in bonus money for serious grinders who can play poker every day in December.

Here are the available point targets and the accompanying cash rewards for each according to player loyalty levels:

Bronze players

Daily Points Target      Cash reward

2                                    $0.25

5                                    $0.75

10                                  $1.75

Silver players

Daily Points Target      Cash reward

5                                    $1

15                                  $2.50

30                                  $5

Gold players

Daily Points Target      Cash reward

25                                  $4

50                                  $8

95                                  $16

VIP players

Daily Points Target      Cash reward

50                                  $8

95                                  $16

200                                $40

A cool feature of the Dollar Club promo is that if you happen to be busy on certain days during the month such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, just don’t opt in for that day and you won’t have a point target to reach. The Dollar Club operates on a daily basis, so no harm no foul if there are some days that you can’t log on and play.

However, with those cash rewards available daily, it will be difficult to not find some time to play online poker. Even Silver level players can earn an additional $155 in bonus cash for the month!

Bonus for New Players

Are you a New Jersey resident or frequent visitor who has yet to play at Partypoker NJ and would also like a bonus? As well as to take part in such promotions as the Dollar Club in the future?

You are certainly in luck, as Partypoker NJ offers the most generous first-time deposit bonus in the entire state. A 100% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus is available for new players.

Is a $1,000 deposit a bit too much? Don’t worry, the minimum amount needed to collect on the 100% bonus is only $10. So deposit anywhere from $10 to $1,000 to double your money at Partypoker NJ!

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