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Miley Cyrus had a top ten hit with her single entitled “The Climb” back in 2009 and in New Jersey and in Nevada figure to do likewise with a promotion of the same name that begins on May 3 and runs through May 30.


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The Climb allows players in the regulated states to earn bonus money simply by competing at their favorite cash games. The higher each player ascends up the required thresholds of earning Action Player Points (APPs), the larger is the cash reward.

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The promo kicks off this Sunday and lasts a full four weeks. The bonuses earned are not paid out until 72 hours after The Climb promotion reaches its conclusion at midnight on May 30.

Camps to Reach

The first goal of each player is to reach the Base Camp at 100 APPs for a $15 prize. Low Camp is the next destination fixed at 250 APPs that features a $35 bonus.

Players in New Jersey and Nevada will want to keep climbing because Camp 2 at 500 APPs is good for $50, Camp 3 that requires 1,000 APPs will boost your bankroll by $100, and Camp 4 at a lofty 2,500 APPs is worth a prize of $250.

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Of course, the real grinders out there will certainly want to venture further up the mountain of bonus cash by reaching even higher plateaus. There are two camps remaining in The Climb once you reach the peak of Camp 4, and those are the High Camp at 5,000 APPs and The Summit at 10,000 APPs. Bonus cash for those levels is set at $500 and $1,000, respectively.

Bonus Money for WSOP Festival

That’s a lot of bonus money just for playing poker at the top regulated sites in the U.S. Players who reach the higher Camps at in NJ or in NV can perhaps use the bonus cash toward some of the buy-in at any of the scheduled events of the 46th running of the WSOP in Las Vegas that begins on May 27.

Keep in mind that the prizes on offer are available as one to each player based on the highest plateau reached come May 31. In other words, if you finish with 460 APPs, you’ve just missed reaching the $50 bonus at Camp 2 for 500 APPs and will be awarded the $35 bonus set aside for those who reach at least 250 APPs in the Low Camp.

Structure of Bonus Payouts

Players are required to opt in to participate in The Climb. Players who reach the first four Camps through Camp 3 (bonuses of $100 amd less) will receive their prizes within 72 hours following completion of the promotion.

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The higher climbers who reach Camp 4 ($250) and High Camp ($500) will receive 50% of their prizes within 72 hours, with the remaining 50% placed in each player’s Pending Bonus Account. The rest of the bonus will be released in $10 increments for every additional 100 APPs earned.

Players who make their ascent to The Summit at 10,000 APPs will receive 25% of the established prize money in 72 hours and must also work off the rest of the bonus incrementally. The top three plateaus that are required to clear the remainders of their bonuses are allowed 60 days in which to do so.

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