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If you have $5, you can win $1 million. Polish player ‘bladsonpoker’ recently did so at and you can too. The site is currently offering $5 special edition Spin & Go’s that award $1 million to the winner.

If you have never played at PokerStars, this is absolutely the best time to do so. Spin & Go’s have proven popular in recent months due to their fast pace of play and amazing prize payouts. With PokerStars’ $5 special edition Spin & Go, you can become a millionaire for less than a combo meal at McDonalds.

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‘bladsonpoker’ Was the First Millionaire. Will You Be Next?

Polish poker player ‘bladsonpoker’ took down the first $1 million prize in the PokerStars special edition Spin & Go. The event took place on Tuesday night and was captured in its entirety by Twitch.TV. Check out the video below:

In order to win $1 million, all ‘bladsonpoker’ had to do is beat two other players. ‘ROliver CEO’ from China and ‘hooomlesnurr’ from Norway were his opponents but they didn’t go away empty handed. Just for playing in the event, they received $100,000 each.

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Spin & Go

Spin & Go’s generate a random prize pool at the start of each game. Each game is played three-handed and in hyper-turbo format. Prize pools range from double your buy-in to around 1,200 times your buy-in. However, during the special edition $1 Million Spin & Go promotion, you can win up to 240,000 times your buy-in.

Most games are winner takes all, but for the top three prize pools there is a prize to second and third. That means that for the biggest prizes everyone wins.

Take Your Shot at $1 Million For Free

If turning $5 into $1 million isn’t enough incentive to play at PokerStars, we will give you another. Signup for your new account today with PokerStars and make your first deposit using code ‘Free 20′ and you will receive $20 free to try out any of PokerStars’ real money games.

That’s right; PokerStars will give you four chances at winning a cool million as a way of saying thanks for playing. All you need to do receive your money is signup for a new account and deposit at least $20 into your account. Within 36 hours, you will receive $20 in free money into your account.

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Once you receive your free money, you can take your seat in a special edition Spin & Go or any of PokerStars’ real money games. Also, remember that PokerStars is available on PC, Mac and mobile devices. In fact, ‘bladsonpoker’ won his million while playing on his mobile phone.

PokerStars offers the best in online poker along with the highest stakes in the game. Signup today at PokerStars and take your shot at becoming the next $1 million winner.

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