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Are you an online poker player in Nevada or New Jersey who is looking for a way to increase your bankroll without an outlay of cash? If the answer is “yes,” you would be well-advised to turn your attention to in NJ, or in NV, where daily freerolls are hosted and played just after the dinner hour.

Think of the free action as sort of your dessert, where finishing in the top 20% of registered players will see your bankroll get larger. Isn’t that a more fulfilling dessert than watching your tummy get larger by partaking of dessert such as cake or ice cream?

Both in NJ and in NV offer a Daily $100 Freeroll in both states where players start with a stack of 2,000 in chips and play under a 15-second shot clock and 60-second time bank. The event is capped at 600 players, one of five of whom will finish in-the-money.

In Nevada, the action begins nightly at 6:45 p.m. PST at the 10/20 blind level, with blinds rising every 10 minutes. In New Jersey, the games get underway at 7:00 p.m. EST under the same structure.

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After finishing dinner, when your significant other asks what you would like for dessert, tell him or her that your pleasure is poker!

Click Below to Get in on the Daily $100 Freeroll in NV

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APP Threshold Bonus

Are you looking for more ways to boost your bankroll other than the Daily $100 Freerolls? Of course you are! Also available to players in both New Jersey and Nevada at is an APP Threshold Bonus that adds money to your account every time you reach a milestone while earning Action Player Points (APPs).

APPs are obtained by playing real-money poker at Once you become an Elite player in the site’s player loyalty program and collect 55,000 APPs while aiming for Super Elite status, your account will be credited $50.

But even better news is that you will earn $50 more each time you collect another 5,000 APPs up until 100,000. At the 100,000 APP level, the bonus rises to $125. Keep accumulating 10,000 APPs to your total and earn another $125 each time until you reach 225,000 APPs.

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Wondering what your bonus is for accruing 225,000 APPs? It’s a whopping $400! And you can earn yet another $400 once you cross the threshold of 250,000 APPs.

All told, once you reach the 250,000 APP threshold, your bonuses will add up to $2,625! A well-deserved reward for players who achieve Super Elite status at

Huge Welcome Bonus

Here’s one more way to grab bonus cash at It’s a generous Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 available to both new players who sign up in New Jersey and new players who sign up in Nevada who have not yet tried online poker at the industry’s top site.

Daily freerolls, APP threshold bonus and welcome bonus. Three outstanding ways to boost your bankroll at whether you’re in New Jersey or Nevada!

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