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Daniel Negreanu turned 40 back in July. While some would develop a bit of trepidation over reaching this milestone, Negreanu proceeded to have one of the best years of his poker career. In addition to setting a new all-time personal record for annual earnings, he was voted into the Poker Hall of Fame and named Poker’s Best Ambassador at the American Poker Awards (APA).

After the APA, it became evident that Daniel is making a play to become the new “Godfather” of Poker.

Not this Godfather:


Image Credit:

Or this one:


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But rather this one:

WWE Godfather

Image Credit: WWE; used for illustrative purposes only

Don’t believe us? Check out Daniel’s pimp suit from the APA:

Dnegs Purple

Image Credit: Revolutionpix for GPI

In all seriousness though, it may be time for Daniel to consider rebranding. Now that he has matured and is in the prime of his career, it may be time for him to distance himself from “KidPoker” and move towards a moniker more worthy of his stature in the game.

The “Kid” is All Grown Up

It’s hard to believe that Negreanu’s live tournament career has spanned less almost 20 years. In that time he has become tournament poker’s all-time money leader. Below are a few of his career accomplishments:

  • Six World Series of Poker bracelets
  • 2013 WSOP Asia-Pacific Main Event Champion
  • Two-time World Poker Tour Champion
  • 1999 United States Poker Championship Main Event Winner
  • Runner-Up 2014 $1 Million Big One for ONE DROP
  • Eight times eclipsing $1 million in annual earnings

Daniel is easily the most consistent performer in the history of tournament poker. Only once in the last seven years has he finished a year with less than $1 million in earnings. Furthermore, Daniel has won at least $500,000 each year since the beginning of the poker boom. He is one of a select few players that have been able to survive and thrive in the modern era of poker.

Stackin’ Ain’t Easy

There hasn’t been a part of the poker industry that Negreanu hasn’t touched at one point or another in his career. In addition to being one of the most successful players of all-time, he has parlayed that success into successful business ventures and sponsorship deals. Of course, his most prominent deal is as a spokesman with Team PokerStars.

Negreanu is also one of the most desired names in televised poker. There are few poker shows worldwide that he hasn’t made an appearance on and he is often tapped as a guest commentator due to his dynamic personality and wealth of poker knowledge. High Stakes PokerPoker After DarkLate Night PokerPoker SuperStars and Ultimate Poker Challenge are just a few of the shows he has been a part of in the past.

Speaking of knowledge, Negreanu is also a successful poker author and regularly blogs over at Millions of players and fans have improved their game thanks to Negreanu’s insight.

Of course, many consider his greatest contribution to the game as being one of its finest ambassadors. Always friendly and engaging at and away from the tables, Daniel is beloved by million around the world and is perhaps “The Face” of modern poker. He has also worked to improve the game by serving on the WSOP players council and advocating for the game worldwide.

To Be the Man, You’ve Got to Beat the Man

Professional wrestler “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s famous catch phrase was “to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.” Right now, “The Man” in poker is Daniel Negreanu. Looking at his career accomplishments, nobody has put together a greater body of work than Negreanu.

Remember the classic poker movie The Cincinnati Kid? Daniel could be the modern day version of Lancey Howard, a.k.a., “The Man.” He has the background, the success and the reputation that everyone in the game wishes they had. For many, playing against Daniel is a privilege, while others can improve their street cred by actually taking him down.

While some may call it a bit presumptuous to go around calling yourself “The Man,” Daniel could pull it off. The industry could have a field day proclaiming how that “KidPoker” is now “The Man.”

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Back in 1997, Daniel Negreanu was a fresh face on the poker scene who would later become the legend known as “KidPoker.” Sign up today at PokerStars and become a legend in your own time.

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