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A peak at cash game player traffic finds that Lock Poker has continued its descent toward empty tables for the fifth month in a row.

Currently, reports that ring game players at Lock average only 18, with peak periods finding double that number. The seven-day average fell 10% from January and continues a consecutive monthly downward slide that began in October 2014.

Lock Poker cashouts have been MIA for quite some time, with only the most casual of online poker players likely unaware that money deposited at the site would be better spent just about anywhere else. The Lock website continues to promote the advantages of playing there, touting a generous welcome bonus and daily cashback rewards that will never reach the pockets of players.


Scammed Players Persistent

Former Lock players with outstanding balances at the site have been doggedly pursuing the matter in hopes of perhaps shutting Lock down, receiving reimbursement, and seeing the powers that be at Lock receive their comeuppance. The players’ wrath is directed mostly at Lock CEO Jennifer Larson, but many have reserved a good amount of vitriol toward Shane Bridges, the site’s former Director of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

To a lesser extent, posters at a 2 + 2 thread entitled “Lock Poker Payout Scam” also hold previous Lock Poker pros accountable, feeling duped by the poker stars who at one time or another promoted the virtues of playing there. Lock shed itself of all pro sponsorships over one year ago.


Regulation Needed

A huge part of the problem in taking action against Lock is the fact that the site is based in Curacao. Without proper regulation in the U.S., players havepractically no recourse when a site such as Lock Poker decides to stiff its players and take the money and run.

The situation at Lock is ‘Exhibit A’ for the need of regulated online poker in the U.S. ‘Exhibt B,’ perhaps, would be the demise of Ultimate Poker in Nevada. After UP shut down last year, players were promptly made whole, as the poker room was fully regulated and overseen by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission.


2 + 2 Posts Show Determination and Gratitude

At the 2 + 2 thread that began in August 2013 – 18 months ago – that is devoted to the absence of Lock Poker payouts, pages and pages of player gripes and concerns are listed. A recent post just a few days ago by ‘HipAintCheap’ reveals that frustrated players will not give up in exacting revenge against Lock and its representatives:

“We have tried to have Lock shutdown,” reads the post. “We have contacted that government and the authorities there (Curacao). They have never responded to any of our complaints, or request, and instead allow Lock to continue doing business. We are going through alternate channels to have the site shutdown. Have no fear this is only the beginning of the new phase of the investigation.”

A post that followed from ‘Menace ll Society’ revealed that fellow players are grateful for the initiative taken by some Lock players who won’t give up the fight on behalf of all shafted players. The former Lock player wrote, “i’m very appreciative to know that while I may be out a couple thousand dollars via the scam that is lock poker, some of you are still passionately digging to shed light and bring justice to these scumbags. thanks to you all!”


Don’t Play at Lock

Hopefully, the efforts of Lock players will not go for naught. It would be wonderful to write a happy ending to the whole fiasco. Unfortunately, without regulation, the odds are stacked against the victims of the scam.

Once again, new players who may be looking for a poker site at which to deposit and play are reminded to avoid Lock Poker at all costs. Read a few posts from the 2 + 2 thread previously mentioned to get a feel for the level of frustration experienced by former Lock players.

Charles Rettmuller

Charles has been an avid poker player for a number of years, both live and online. He holds a degree in journalism and previously worked as a reporter for a Chicago-based newspaper. Charles joined the PokerUpdate team in early 2012 and writes daily news articles for the site.