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A New Jersey man received the best Valentine’s Day present imaginable. He hit a Royal Flush playing Let It Ride on to win a massive $1.52 million jackpot. This is the largest jackpot in New Jersey iGaming history.

According to, a Union County man was the beneficiary of the jackpot, the largest single payout in New Jersey iGaming history. He won the jackpot playing the table game Let It Ride, a poker variant that pays 1000 to 1 for a Royal flush. There is also a 3-Card Bonus bet that could pay up to 40 to 1.

Betfair revealed that the winner wagered $500 on his three bets as well as a $500 bonus. He was then dealt a Royal Flush in diamonds that paid 1,000-to-1 on his three $500 bets and 40-to-1 on his 3-Card Bonus bet, bringing his total win to $1.522 million.


Record Jackpot Will Seriously Impact Monthly Profits


While the $1.5 million jackpot is good news for NJ gamblers, it’s not such great news for Golden Nugget. This win will significantly cut into their monthly profits.

In January, Golden Nugget pulled in a combined $2.46 million between their primary site and Assuming revenues from customers for the month remain flat, Golden Nugget will drop under $1 million in total win for the month.

Caesars was the last online site to pay out a massive jackpot. Back in November 2014, they paid out $1.3 million to Cathy Ruela of Morris Plains, NJ. She won the jackpot playing Millionaire Genie on


Record Payouts Great for Business

“It’s always exciting when a player hits a big win,” was the sentiment of general manager Don Ryan. The massive jackpot may impact monthly profits but will certainly help to grow the popularity of general iGaming in the state.

It’s no secret that general iGaming has far outperformed online poker in New Jersey since games launched in 2013. Both the Tropicana and Golden Nugget have pulled in numbers comparable with Caesars despite not offering online poker.

Much of the success comes to the variety of gaming offered on the sites. Many causal gamblers prefer games that offer fast-paced action, lots of virtual bells and whistles and the chances of winning massive jackpots without having to “outplay” other opponents.

Resorts Casino is currently in soft launch for their iGaming platform and is expected to go live for the rest of the state later this week. It will be interesting to see whether the recent jackpot hit on Betfair will help draw in players looking to hit life-changing money.

James Guill

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