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The newest Bitcoin-only poker site is set to enter the market on Sunday, February 1 as BitnPlay has announced a freeroll that will kick off at 20:00.

The prize pool consists of one Partner Token to the winner that is worth two Bitcoin and entitles the bearer to 100% rakeback for life. As of this writing, one Bitcoin is valued at $232, making the freeroll worth $464 to the player who manages to best the field.

A total of 200 Partner Tokens have been made available for purchase at BitnPlay, whose payment processing strategy is a bit different from what online poker players have been accustomed to over the years.

Players wishing to enter tournaments at the site will buy-in via their Bitcoin wallets. BitnPlay will hold no player funds other than those that are “part of a game’s prize pool at that specific time.”

BitnPlay will join Get Lucky Poker as Bitcoin-only poker sites that have launched in 2015. The latter remains in beta testing mode.

Players hoping to enter the Feb. 1 freeroll for a shot at a Partner Token at BitnPlay can turn their attention elsewhere, such as the Super Bowl. The 99-player cap has already been reached.

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Charles Rettmuller

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