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Spin & Go Millionaires! Two More Players Hit Jackpot at PokerStars

Online poker has two new millionaires, compliments of PokerStars and their $5 Spin & Go promotion.

The weekend produced two $1 million jackpot winners, one hailing from the Czech Republic and the other from Canada, who joined a Russian player that claimed the first million-dollar prize last Monday. For those keeping score, that’s $3 million paid out to winners in the course of a week! And $600,000 to the losers!

The $1 million prize on a $5 buy-in promo began in December, but the jackpot never hit before 2015 arrived. The new year has crowned three winners with almost two weeks left to go in the promotion.

$1 million winner on Saturday

Taking the prize on Saturday was the Czech Republic’s ‘Tornádo111,’ who has a screen name seemingly custom-made for Spin & Go. He won the three-player hyper-turbo contest versus ‘RusGreen’ and ‘newann,’ who each walked away with runner-up prizes of $100,000.

Luck was certainly on the side of ‘Tornádo111,’ not only in landing at a $1 million table where the odds of that happening are 10,000,000 to 3. But also in hitting favorable cards on the board.

‘Tornádo111’ was the underdog going all-in pre-flop with #ac#10c against the #as#kc of ‘newann.’ Big Slick slid out of the Spin & Go winner’s circle when the #10h appeared on the flop.

The starting hand of ‘Tornádo111’ in the event’s last hand was also inferior, as his #6h#5d was up against the #ah#2h of ‘RusGreen.’ But the board of J-7-A-8-9 straightened out for ‘Tornádo111,’ who took a lot of green away from ‘RusGreen.’

Another on Sunday

Yesterday, a new millionaire was crowned again when ‘anushan_2323’ from Canada beat out a German (‘jukebox72’) and a Swede (‘ChipsMongot’) to claim victory and the $1 million prize. The Canadian got it in good with #ah#10c to knock out the #ac#8h of ‘jukebox72.’

Following a back and forth with ‘ChipsMongot,’ ‘anushan_2323’ sealed the deal with #ac#kd. The player from Sweden was a slight favorite going in with #8h#8s, but Big Slick got the job done for ‘anushan_2323.’

First $1 million winner last Monday

On January 12, ‘sss66666’ from Russia was the first million-dollar winner. A 33-year-old handyman, ‘sss66666’ said he shouted with so much excitement upon winning that he woke up his family.

“My heart was pounding and the adrenaline was rushing,” the Russian told PokerStars Blog, describing how he felt prior to eliminating his opponents. “I pulled myself together, realising this was the opportunity of a lifetime. I knew I was guaranteed $100,000, and I would have been very happy with that.”

Holding #as#8h, ‘sss66666’ knocked out ‘Nonko999’ and his 7-7. The Deadman’s Hand came through again for the Russian when his #ac#8h hit two pair on the flop versus the #ad#5h of ‘geldduvel.’

How many more $1,000,000 Spin & Go jackpots will hit this January at PokerStars? Nobody knows for sure, but PokerUpdate congratulates the winners!



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