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Lock Poker Player Traffic Falls Again

For the fourth month in a row, cash game player traffic at Lock Poker has taken a tumble.

The most recent estimates provided by PokerScout show a 23% drop in the average number of ring game players in a seven-day period. That average at Lock now totals only 20 players.

The decrease this month follows declines of 15% in October, 18% in November, and 7% in December. Should the drop in action continue at its current pace of the last few months, Lock would find its cash tables empty before the year is over.

Two years and counting

Lock, as regular online poker players are aware, has not been honoring withdrawal requests. Some of those cashout requests have gone unpaid for more than two years.

As tracked by 2 + 2 poster ‘IHasTehNutz,’ almost $1 million in ignored withdrawal requests is owed to several hundred players. Another $2 million or so more still sits in the accounts of those same players.

That’s only the players who have reported their outstanding balances at the urging of fellow 2 + 2 regs. There are an untold number of players who have likely turned their backs on the matter entirely, writing it off as a lesson learned.

It is believed that the players who are still patronizing Lock may be of the casual variety who are unaware of the site’s refusal to come clean and pay up. Recreational players may not read the news reports and alerts from poker news sites advising them to avoid Lock Poker.

Mum’s the word, unless it’s a false promise

Perhaps it bears repeating that the Poker Players Alliance reached out to Lock management in April of 2014, hoping to establish a dialogue and inquiring as to when payments may be forthcoming. No response was offered.

Inquiries made by players to the site’s customer service since 2013 have been met with promises of payment. Those promises have been empty.

A visit to the Lock Poker site continues to find the offer of a Welcome Bonus of 200% up to $1,000. Hopefully, unwitting victims will be scarce from this point forward.



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Charles Rettmuller

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