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Inside PokerStars Episode 5: Data Center

Continuing in their series that reveals the inner workings behind the world’s largest online poker site through informative videos, PokerStars recently released “Inside PokerStars Episode 5.”

The latest release was prompted by a player’s question that went like this: “When I’m playing online at PokerStars, where do the games actually take place and is it secure?”

A very good question, considering that 700 poker hands are dealt every second, every day at PokerStars. If you’re looking for a tournament to enter at the site, your choices total 3,500 each day that collectively funnel over $25 million into player accounts each week.

With numbers of that magnitude, one would hope that the PokerStars data center on the Isle of Man is up to the challenge. And in the newest Inside PokerStars video, the site’s Director of IT Operations, Gary Hill, explains that the technical infrastructure of the software has been designed to meet the needs of PokerStars’ massive customer base.

Hill informs that “hundreds and hundreds of servers” are used to keep things running smoothly and to avoid delays and disconnections that can end up costing players money. The IT honcho takes viewers inside the PokerStars data center for a peek, an area where only three or four individuals have access.

Every hand that’s ever been played for real money is stored and analyzed,” Hill informs. “Every single transaction is recorded.”

With all that network activity, you may wonder how PokerStars keeps up without suffering a system overload. The easiest way to describe the process, Hill explains, is that similar to huge companies like Google, PokerStars “built their own Internet on top of the Internet.”

Check out the video below, Inside PokerStars, Episode 5.



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