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The Newest Member of the European Parliament, Tony G: Today We Made History!

After winning almost $5 million in his live tournament career and offering some of the best moments in televised poker, businessman Antanas Guoga, better known as Tony G, has decided to switch gears and try on a new career.

He won’t be able to harass poker players anymore but he will have the unique opportunity to show off his charismatic personality in the biggest stage of them all, in the European Parliament.

“Today we made history in Lithuanian politics”, Tony G said after the Lithuanian Liberal Movement won two mandates in the European Parliament. “I am a young politician. I have much to learn,” the 40-year-old businessman admitted, according to

He will represent his country alongside co-national Peter Auštrevičius for the next five years in the EP and he will definitely have a lot of work to do if he wants to support the poker industry.

So far, statistics show a declining poker market as many countries decided either to play solo, or ‘to muck their holdings.’ Countries like France, Italy, and Spain segregated their local player pools from the rest of the world while others like Belgium and Bulgaria have recently tightened up the rules.

For European countries like the Netherlands, things are slowly taking shape as the Council of Ministers gave a remote gaming bill the green light this February.

The UK seems to be one of the few countries in the EU where the online gambling market is thriving and many members of the poker community consider it a viable model for the rest of the world. Can Tony G defend the poker community’s case?

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