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Sportsbet Calls for In-Play Betting Down Under

Sportsbet is leading the charge to overturn the ban on in-play betting in Australia. The online betting company claims current restrictions keep it from fairly competing with offshore operators, through whom Australians wager approximately $1 billion every year.

“Betting after an event has commenced is available over the phone and in retail outlets in Australia,” said Sportsbet in a government-led review of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.

“With Australian-based websites prohibited from offering betting in the run in online, Australians are choosing to place bets in the run online through unregulated overseas websites.”

British betting exchange Betfair was also invited to help review the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. The company is pushing to relax in-play betting restrictions, too, and says with changes “Australian operators will be able to compete with offshore gambling operators on an even playing field.”

Betfair highlighted the flaw in Australia’s legislation: “One key reason that the IGA is presently ineffective is that it failed to regulate services, and instead focused on the methods by which those services are delivered (e.g. telephone, internet) and therefore became antiquated on a rapid basis.”

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