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Singapore Proposes Online Gambling Regulation

A proposal to curtail unregulated online gambling in Singapore was introduced in Parliament, the result of studies by the government that included consultation with several organizations known to have an anti-gambling bent.

Citing the need “to maintain law and order, and protect young persons and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by remote gambling,” the Ministry of Home Affairs put forth the proposal seeking to prevent unregulated online gambling throughout the country.

Should the measure be approved, all igaming ads would be forbidden and those convicted of unregulated online gambling activities would face criminal penalties. Also outlined in the Remote Gambling Bill are steps to be taken to block Singaporeans from accessing non-sanctioned igaming sites.

Exemptions allowed

Exemptions would be made for gambling that benefits charitable or social causes, provided that the operators are both not-for-profit and based in Singapore. The exemptions may allow for current wagering on such contests as football and horse racing to continue, Channel NewsAsia reported.

The ban includes the Internet and telephone, in addition to any other modes of communication. Wagering would be illegal even and especially if the site operators are beyond Singapore’s borders.

Roughly 5.4 million reside in Singapore on the country’s 63 highly urbanized islands. With one of six households having acquired disposable wealth of one million dollars, the Southeast Asian country enjoys the largest percentage of millionaires throughout the world.



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