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Serbia to Legalise Online Gambling

Countries across Eastern Europe are opening up their gambling markets. Next in line: Serbia, who passed gambling legislation on November 22 that will come into effect next year. The bill permits online gambling for all licensed operators with servers located in the Balkan country.

Serbian gaming association JAKTA told PokerUpdate that operators will be given six months to apply for a license, which will cost €2,500 per month and be valid for ten years. The tax rate has been set at 15% of gross gaming yield (the percentage of wagers kept by an operator), and a minimum tax of €7,500 will be required each month.  

Mirjana Acimovic, president of JAKTA, said: “We can see that our conscientious work in gathering the relevant facts about gaming markets in the former Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe has been worthwhile.”

“We compared different national regulatory models and collaborated with relevant partners such as testing laboratories, reputable companies and associations,” he added. “JAKTA put a lot of effort into lobbying the government for the creation of a well-regulated gaming market.”

Director of the Serbian Gaming Board, Aleksandar Vulovic, highlighted that legislation will help keep Serbians out of the hands of unlicensed operators. The country is establishing “a central monitoring system” to target unlicensed sites, which outnumber legal operators by two-to-one.

The Gaming Board will be aided in blacklisting unlicensed operators by Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. “In our opinion, the most important aspect of this new law is that the Serbian government has decided to strengthen its Gaming Board and to assist it in every way,” said Acimovic.

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