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Reid, Kyl: Online Poker Window Closing

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brushed off suggestions from Sen. Dean Heller earlier this week that there’s sufficient Republican support to pass online poker legislation during the lame-duck session.

“Everybody listen,” Reid said at a weekly press conference.

“We suddenly have Republican votes on Internet poker, two weeks before Christmas. Without being vulgar, what the hell would I put it on?”

Minority Whip Senator Jon Kyl echoed the pessimism. “I’m not sure that under the schedule and other things that have to be done that that is going to be possible,” he told GamblingCompliance.

While a gambling bill must be attached to broader legislation to have any shot of success, finding the right “vehicle” has proven difficult.

“The conversations we’ve had with our colleagues on our side of the aisle have been pretty positive. So I think we can come up with the necessary votes on our side in order to get something passed, but the big question now at this point is whether or not there’s a vehicle,” Sen. Heller told GamblingCompliance.

Last week, Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole said that an online gambling bill will not be attached to “fiscal cliff” legislation.

“Obviously time is getting shorter,” Heller said. “We need to do something before the end of the year.”

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