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PPA Identifies "Joker" Lawmakers Up for Re-election

Every fresh deck of cards has a couple of jokers that are normally cast aside or discarded entirely before a game of poker begins. Anyone familiar with U.S. politics is aware that there are any number of lawmakers who can be considered jokers in their own right.

Those who hope to see regulated online poker and gambling continue to spread throughout the U.S. would certainly put the legislators who oppose ipoker legislation in the joker category. And with the November elections just around the corner, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has done the homework for U.S. voters by identifying 22 candidates up for re-election who have teamed with Sheldon Adelson and his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling during the past year.

The PPA has compiled a list of those anti-online poker state and federal lawmakers and labeled them “The Jokers” in advance of the upcoming election. And just as is done with the jokers in a new deck of cards before the dealer shuffles up and deals, the PPA believes those candidates need to be cast aside by U.S. voters who have the power to do so.

Unfortunately, all of these lawmakers have decided to put politics before their constituents by siding with Sheldon Adelson in supporting an online poker ban that would deny consumers of the meaningful protections that can only be achieved through responsible state or Federal regulation,” said PPA Executive Director John Pappas.

Player Involvement and Voting Crucial

Americans who value their right to play online poker would be well-advised to vote against the politicians intent on destroying that right. Perhaps equally as important as casting a vote for their opponent is to contact the wayward lawmakers themselves and let them know how you feel about their stance against regulating the game that you love.

The PPA has provided contact information for each of the 22 anti-ipoker legislators that includes telephone numbers as well as social media. Players are urged to voice their feelings regarding ipoker regulation to the candidates hoping to be re-elected. Election Day is November 4.

“A federal prohibition on Internet poker would only serve to expand an underground market and deny states their right to establish a safe and regulated online marketplace,” Pappas added. “In the weeks leading up to Election Day, it is time that our nation’s elected officials consider the opinions of the voters over that of a billionaire.”



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Charles Rettmuller

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