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News Bite - No Legalisation Of Internet Poker On US Legislation

Senator Harry Reid has announced that on the upcoming major tax legislation in the USA, there will be no attachment of legalising Internet poker, according to FlopTurnRiver.

It is a disappointment to millions of US citizens, who argued the fact that legalising poker would bring in millions to an economy rocked by deficits and cutbacks. Those against it consider Internet poker to be immoral and would make it easier for problem gamblers to lose money from their own households.

Online poker is expected to be legalised in the future as the money the government can potentially make cannot be ignored, but re-election campaigns stand in the way. For politicians, more pressing issues such as conflict in Iran and the economic recession are of a higher priority to the American people right now.

With this setback, it could be another year before Internet poker is legalised. Regulations and the set-up of poker sites could take even longer.

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