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News Bite: Kenya to Tax Gambling Winnings

As reported by Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation, the African country has announced a 20% levy on gambling winnings “as it seeks to bring more people into the tax bracket.” Under current legislation, gaming operators are taxed at 16% but punters face no levies on their winnings.

Speaking in Nairobi, David Gichohi, a senior official at the Kenya Revenue Authority, said that the withholding tax would come into effect next year. According to the Daily Nation article, the KRA has “been working to enlarge the taxpayers base by focusing on areas where people are earning but remain untaxed.”

Lobbying groups for the Kenyan gaming industry have expressed their opposition to the change in taxation. The Association of Gaming Operators – Kenya (AGOK) “presented [its] view to the parliament budget committee due to [the levy’s] impracticality.”

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