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Nevada to Discuss New Proposals for Online Poker

The Nevada Gaming Control Board will hold a public hearing today to discuss recently released proposals for creating an interactive gaming system that would govern online poker. These proposals supplement a developing framework for the regulation of online gaming, and include salient points such as player deposits, sponsorship, and bots.

Specifics are currently being amended and will be reviewed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in today’s meeting, and in discussions with the Nevada Gaming Commission on November 17.

A key topic in the meetings will be the issue of player deposits. The framework will require that an operator has the funds to cover player deposits in the form a reserve, including 25% held in cash. Furthermore, the site and the federally-insured bank that holds or issues the reserves will be required to “reasonably protect” the money against other debts and issues that may arise for the operator.

“I think player fund [protection] goes to a core responsibility we have,” Gaming Control Board member A.G. Burnett told CardPlayer. “With land-based operators facing uncertain financial times, that has been an issue of focus for us. We need to ensure that player funds are protected adequately and we spend a lot of time and energy on that task.”

In addition to the issue of player deposits, other talking points will include marketing and sponsorship, as well as the prevention of bots. New proposals state that the online gaming operator must “reasonably” ensure that play will be among humans, though they acknowledge the difficulty of preventing all cases of artificial intelligence.

Click here to read the recent proposals.

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