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Illinois Court Approves Poker Law

The State Supreme court of Illinois approved Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s plan to allow video poker in taverns to secure funding for the state’s planned public works construction program.

The court approved a tax of 2.6 cents on a six-pack of beer, 13 cents on bottles of wine and 81 cents on hard liquor, but the most controversial tenet of the law is the 45,000 video gambling machines that will eventually be allowed into establishments with liquor licenses, including bars and truck stops. 

Governor Quinn said the new taxes would generate $31 billion.

“We anticipate about 420,000 people will get jobs because of this law. And those investments will pay great dividends for our businesses and workers for years to come,” said Gov. Quinn.

However, Quinn said the machines may take a long time to install around the state.

Aaron Jaffe, the chairman of the Illinois Gaming Board, said the technology doesn’t exist yet to enable him to oversee 45,000 of these computerized video gambling devices.

“The legislature ought to take some blame for this. They passed a bad law. They did it twice now,” Jaffe said.


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