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French Regulator Submits Proposal for Stricter Legislation

French Gaming Regulator, ARJEL, has submitted thirty-three new proposals to curb the issue of problem gambling for real money online gaming players.

The series of proposals have been submitted to the French government and specifically targets marketing issues as well as internal measures to prevent gambling addiction. These proposals call for the restrictions on advertising, including a ban on advertising for unlicensed sites and a control on marketing on certain sites. ARJEL has also proposed that operators utilize marketing for positive purposes such as a campaign to warn players of the dangers of gambling addiction and direct them to possible modes of treatment.

The regulator has also recommended internal changes for operators in order to prevent online gambling addiction. These recommendations include a pop-up notice for players who are playing excessive hours or making too many deposits within a day. Also, operators would have to keep records of player activity in order to identify compulsive gambling.

ARJEL has proposed these changes to the online gambling laws after publishing its first investigation into problem gambling in France. According to the report, nearly half (47.8%) of the adult population placed a wager in 2010 and about 11% of this population were considered regular gamblers who placed wagers more than 52 times per year.

The report also showed that about 22.7% of the gambling population placed a wager on an online gambling site. It contended that 1.3% of the population showed a tendency for problem gambling and that 200,000 players were playing excessively.

Gambling addiction has been a concern for several nations who feel that it is becoming a problem with the rise of online, mobile, and social gaming mediums. Some countries like the United States have used gambling addiction as a key aspect in the lack of online gambling regulations. The ARJEL proposals are considered to be relatively novel in the fight against gambling addiction.

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