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EGBA Backs Creutzmann Resolution

Last week, PokerUpdate reported that Members of European Parliament (MEPs) were set to vote in favour of more coordinated regulation. A report drafted by Germany’s Jürgen Creutzmann has called on the EU to address gambling concerns such as addiction and fraud in a more unified effort

Today saw the adoption of the Creutzmann resolution, which seeks cooperation between national regulators, as well as common standards for operators, consumer protection and advertising.

Lobbying group the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has called today’s vote “a positive shift in [the European Parliament’s] position to embrace a common approach towards online gambling.” A previous report (the Schaldemose initiative) released two years ago urged the European Union to leave all facets of regulation strictly to member states.

The Creutzmann resolution also calls for a more efficient application process and the “consistent use of infringement procedures by the Commission to ensure compliance of Member States’ legislation with EU law.”

EGBA secretary general Sigrid Ligne told eGaming Review: “This is something we have been campaigning on for years now, this inaction by the European Commission. It’s precisely now when European states are re-regulating their online gaming markets and the inaction by the Commission has helped embed recent protectionist regimes.

“Now we have a clear call from the Parliament for the Commission to go back to its duty as guardian of the Treaty to ensure full compliance of Member State legislation with EU law, which is extremely positive.”

Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the Remote Gambling Association, said in a statement: “The resolution is clear, reminding the Commission of its duty to act swiftly upon receipt of complaints about violations of the freedoms enshrined in the Treaties. The licensed private remote gambling sector is in full support of those remarks.”

Click here to read the European Commission’s gaming report.

Click here to read the EGBA’s response to the Creutzmann Resolution.

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