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eCOGRA Approved as Testing Agency in Spain

Following its accreditation as a testing agency by the Italian regulatory body AAMS in August, eCOGRA has been approved for certifying online gaming software and information systems security in Spain.

Spain has highlighted “comprehensive and professional testing” as a prerequisite for a licence.

Applicants will be required to undergo an initial assessment process of both games and platform. With a stage one license, the applicant has four months to prepare for a final inspection of operational systems to become fully licensed.

eCOGRA Chief Executive Andrew Beveridge said:

“It appears that a harmonised EU regulatory environment is unlikely to be achieved in the near future, and operators, software suppliers and testing agencies are currently faced with a formidable challenge in meeting the different jurisdictions’ compliance requirements.

In this environment eCOGRA is very conscious of the need to fulfil our clients’ expectations and the associated audit risks, and we are continually developing our auditing approach to ensure that operator and software supplier clients realise benefits that include:

  • A streamlined and efficient audit process ensuring reduced delays in licensing in new jurisdictions and minimal disruptions to the rollout of new products and system changes;
  • Reduced testing through a single audit of common regulations across multiple jurisdictions, with possible and consequential annual cost benefits;
  • Compliance work performed by professional and industry experienced auditors with a thorough understanding of the operational and regulatory environments;
  • Comfort that a familiar testing agency with a proven reputation for integrity and competence is performing the testing work; and
  • Competitive testing agency fees.”

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