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Deputies Use Informants to Bust Upstate Poker Games

According to Sheriff´s Office, Investigators said they received multiple complaints about illegal gambling at One Krim Drive and also at an office building on Assembly Drive in Piedmont. Here comes the first two question of today; who complains about a poker game at an office building? And why? Assuming the games were taking place at night, I don´t see how it can be an inconvenience to anyone except maybe the security guy who has to stop the movie he is watching every time someone comes in or goes out.

Investigators said an informant managed to infiltrate to both games and converted the money into poker chips and played cards. Thanks to the informants, search warrants were granted in June 11 and both games were busted and more than two dozen arrests were made at two Upstate poker games.

Twenty-nine people at the poker games were charged with gambling. According to the deputies, most of the attendees met on the Internet. Everything in the rooms were seized; tables, cards, chips etc.

As far as U.S laws are concerned, gambling is a misdemeanor. It is the same level as public intoxication or vandalism. Using informants to infiltrate simple poker games formed by people who met on the internet seems a bit excessive. I understand that it is not the deputies who choose which law they enforce but this is when the common sense should prevail. I wonder how the Sheriff’s Office would justify using taxpayer’s money to fund infiltration operations against people who meet online and gather up to play cards.

Were these card games an immediate threat to the Anderson County community? Or did someone get really bored at Anderson County Sheriff´s office? Maybe “The Departed” was on for movie night in the police station? Either way, treating poker players like criminals cannot be accepted.

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