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Denmark Boosts Blacklist

The Danish Gambling Authority, which opened up the country’s market in early 2012, has sent eight more domains to internet service provider 3, requiring the company to block the sites within fourteen days. and, operated by Playtech-licensee Imperial E-Club, are amongst the names. was included in the first round of blacklisting in July.

The sites had been sent a directive from the regulatory body to cease and desist earlier this autumn.

Operators have flocked to the Danish market, which offers a viable 20% gross profit tax, broad product range and the ability to tap into international liquidity.

However, some continue to operate without a license and twenty names have been added to the blacklist so far. The DGA said: “A large number of these websites have corrected their gambling offer so that they no longer contravene the Danish gambling legislation. However, some websites continue to offer gambling without a Danish license.”

The latest round of blacklisted domains:,,,,,,, and




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