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Democratic Party Platform Mum on Online Poker

After last week’s hullabaloo over the release of the Republican Party’s platform that included a plank calling for the prohibition of online gambling, all eyes were on the Democratic Party’s national convention to see what their stance would be on the issue.

The Democrats chose to remain silent on the matter, never once mentioning the legalization of online poker or Internet gambling. The word Internet was sprinkled throughout the 70-page platform a dozen times, most notably in a plank entitled “Internet Freedom” under a section called “Advancing Universal Values.” The platform does promise to ensure that almost all of America has availability to the Internet, but any reference to gambling has been omitted.

“While clearly far better than advocacy for a ban, I think they missed a golden opportunity to reach out to America’s poker players and supporters in what is sure to be a very close election,” said Rich Muny, the VP of player relations for the Poker Players Alliance.

Many players and advocates of online poker legislation were hoping that the Democratic Party would come out in support of online gambling legalization through the platform. However, the omission of its advocacy does not mean that Democrats are against the proposal. Many Democratic congressmen have expressed support for U.S. online poker regulations. But convincing their Republican colleagues to jump on the bandwagon promises to be a bit more difficult



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Charles Rettmuller

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